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Master Checkers
Master Checkers

Show that you are the master in Checkers

Russian Draughts
Russian Draughts

A game of checkers for two players

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Checkers, one of the most popular board games globally, awaits you! Play Checkers either alone against the computer or engage in 2-player matches, all free and online. Checkers is a strategic game with simple rules, and honing your skills through practice is key. Experience various difficulty levels, starting from the easiest and progressing to the challenging hard mode.

How to Play Checkers:

  • The primary objective is to capture all of your opponent's pieces to secure victory.
  • On your turn, move one piece forward, one square at a time.
  • To capture a piece, there must be an empty square after the captured piece. Capturing is always mandatory.
  • Chain captures are possible, allowing you to capture multiple pieces in succession as long as an empty square follows each capture.
  • If your piece reaches the end of the board, it becomes a king, gaining expanded movement capabilities.

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