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Blipzi is your premier destination for free online gaming in English. With new games added daily, we offer a vast library catering to diverse gaming preferences.

As a member of the Jogos360 and Juegosarea family, dedicated to Portuguese and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Join our thriving gaming community and explore endless adventures.

Created and maintained by the company 7Graus, Blipzi is your gateway to a world of gaming excitement!

Our Team

We have a team passionate about games, dedicated to selecting the best games for you.

André Alves: A competitive gamer ever since Street Fighter II dominated the arcades. Currently split between matches of FIFA and climbing the Hearthstone ladder. Holds a degree in Journalism.

Carlos Cunha: An experienced gamer, spends hours intensely playing the best RPGs. Currently, he is building an unstoppable monster team in Summoner's War. Holds a degree in Information Technology.

Ricardo Azevedo: A die-hard MMO and FPS gamer. From firing through the jungles of Sanhok in PUBG to the charred ruins of Tilted Towers in Fortnite, this guy has done it all. If you end up in the same Battle Royale, you're likely to lose. Holds a degree in Communication Technology.

Moisés Fernández: A lover of the golden era of SEGA. He never missed a title from Megadrive, Saturn, or Dreamcast. A loyal follower of rhythm games like Guitar Hero or DDR and fiercely competitive in titles like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. Recently discovered his passion for Formula 1 games.

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